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Winner of 18 Kennedy Center Awards including Best Musical.

So many years ago when Clara Ann Fowler first stepped into the KTUL studios in Tulsa there was never a thought that I would have such a wonderful career as a professional singer and recording artist. From Tulsa to Chicago to New York and all over the world in concert, on television and radio, or recording records, I have been blessed with some notoriety and success. Throughout my journey it has been fulfilling to meet and work with talented musicians and performers that have inspired me to give the best of my God-given talents to each and every audience who took the time to listen to my music. I often hear that a particular song or performance of mine continues to hold a special memory for someone. For the love and support I have received from all my fans I am truly grateful.


Gold records, a Grammy, or induction into a Hall of Fame are special recognitions of various milestones and accomplishments I may have garnered along the way but with the premiere of "Flipside: The Patti Page Story" I acknowledge gratefully what I consider the ultimate compliment that can be paid to any artist. I thank writer/producer Greg White for his dedication and commitment in creating a property wherein my music and life story can be shared with all of you, and on to future generations.

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